(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

Someone who specializes in the science of microbiology or the science concerned with micro-organisms.
militarist (s) (noun), militarists (pl)
1. Someone who advocates war or warlike policies.
2. A zealous supporter and promoter of the ideals of armed forces.
misandrist (s) (noun), misandrists (pl)
Those who have a hatred of men; especially, women who can't tolerate them because of some past infidelities or mistreatment: Some women got together and formed a club based on their distressful experiences with men which was called "The club for misandrists".
misandronist (s) (noun), misandronists (pl)
A fanatical person who has the belief that men are the primary cause of all of the world's problems: Anita had read about misandronists in a magazine, in which it said that generally the world could be ruled more successfully and peacefully by women because there have been so many hostilities between nations ruled by men which have caused too many armed conflicts and wars.
misarchist (s) (noun), misarchists (pl)
A hater of governments or any authorities that determine how their citizens are to be controlled in their countries: The existence of misarchists might involve living in societies where there is a disobedience of laws, constant protesting against the politicians, avoiding the payment of taxes, etc.
miscapnologist (s) (noun), miscapnologists (pl)
A specialist in the study of the mistakes and dangers of smoking.
misocapnist (s) (noun), misocapnists (pl)
1. A person who has an intense animosity against smoking or having anyone around who is polluting the air in the immediate vicinity with tobacco smoke, whether from cigarettes or cigars or from any similar process of smoke distribution: Lynn’s mother was considered to be a misocapnist, sending anyone away who was holding a "cancer stick" in his or her hands and not permitting them to come into her house!
2. Anyone who fears smoke exhausts from motor vehicles which are blamed for causing so much pollution in the air: The smell of car and truck emissions made Cindy so sick to her stomach that she decided to live in the forest away from such pollution, and her friends, who were also misocapnists and had similar problems, went to live with her!

Here is a capnophobia link, Part 1 of 4, with images and information for a better understanding of capnophobiacs and why they hate smoking as related to the dangerous practice of smokers.

misocynist (s) (noun), misocynists (pl)
Anyone who abhors dogs: Whenever George's sister came to visit, he would not allow her to bring her dog into his house because he was a misocynist and didn't want to have his residence polluted with dog hairs, fleas, or any other forms of contamination.
misogamist (s) (noun), misogamists (pl)
Someone who hates marriage: June was a convinced misgamist, who made a decision never to wed or have a husband based on the experiences she had when her parents separated and divorced, which proved to her that this kind of marriage was not something she wanted to get involved with!
A man who never Mrs. any woman.
—Evan Esar. Esar’s Comic Dictionary
misogynist (s) (noun), misogynists (pl)
Someone who has a hostility toward women or an intense dislike of women: Usually men are misogynists because they believe that they are better than the female gender.
A man who hates women.
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misologist (s) (noun), misologists (pl)
1. A despiser of excessive discussions or of arguments: Several misologists, among other staff members of the school, loathed sitting in meetings for hours listening to long drawn-out discourses which seemed to have no end and no results.

Is it possible that there are husbands and wives who divorced each other because they were misologists?

A misologist can also be a person of action who prefers to plunge ahead to accomplish something instead of talking about it so much.

2. A hater of over reasoning or critical comments: As a young pre-teenager, Larry became a misologist because he never wanted to listen to his parents trying to explain why he was not allowed to do the same things as grown-ups, like staying up late or watching crime movies on TV.
Anyone who hates or distrusts arguments or discussions with others.
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misomusist (s) (noun), misomusists (pl)
1. An active opponent to culture as expressed in writing by the German dramatist Hanns Johst in 1933: It is assumed that Milan Kundera coined the word misomusist in Czech, which was then taken into English.

2. Etymology: from Greek misos, "hatred" + mousa, "learning" which is also the source of the name of the nine muses of Greek and Roman mythology who represented the arts and sciences.
misoneist (s) (noun), misoneists (pl)
1. Someone who avoids changes and who has a dislike of new subjects, events, or people: Linda didn't want to be like her parents, who had a tendency to be misoneists, because they were always doing the same things every day, but she wanted to travel to new places, go to rock concerts, and to attend parties and meet new people.
2. A hater of novelties or new things: Marie was a misoneist who was completely happy with her old record player and landline; and so, she told her friends that she was not interested in getting the "newfangled" gadgets which would cost too much and break down anyway.
A strong dislike of anything new or of making any modern changes.
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misopaterist (s) (noun), misopaterists (pl)
Someone who has no respect for the Fathers of the Christian Church or those who hate their own fathers: Ray thought he didn’t have a father until he found out later that his parents had extreme difficulties with each other; so, his father left them and with time, Ray became a misopaterist who was disgusted with his father.
misopatrist (s) (noun), misopatrists (pl)
A loathing for anything having to do with a father or fathers: Sally’s only experiences with her father were quite disappointing and also distressing because he never took the time to play with her nor to do any hobbies with her; so, she found out from her psychiatrist that her negative feelings towards her father turned her into a misopatrist.