(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

individualist (s) (noun), individualists (pl)
Anyone who lives without being concerned or controlled by what other people will think: The vocational counselor encouraged Alfred to be an individualist by starting a business that he personally felt would improve the efficiency of saving data and making it easier for users to understand and to access information on the internet.

"An independent man who tries to keep the government from taking care of him.

—Evan Esar
industrialist (s) (noun), industrialists (pl)
1. A person; for example, the owner, the managing director, or a large shareholder of an industrial enterprise, who has a substantial interest in the running and profits of that business.
2. Someone who manages or has significant financial interest in an industrial enterprise; or an owner or controller of an industrial concern.
A collector of cigar bands.
infusionist (s) (noun), infusionists (pl)
A person who believes in the doctrine that the soul existed in a previous state and is infused into the body of a person at conception or birth.
instrumentalist (s), instrumentalists (pl)
1. Someone who plays a musical instrument; especially, as a vocation or a career.
2. A supporter or advocate of instrumentalism which is the pragmatic doctrine that ideas are plans for action serving as instruments for adjustment to the environment and that their validity is determined by their effectiveness.
insurrectionist (s) (noun), insurrectionists (pl)
An individual who provokes or takes part in an armed revolution against an established government; especially, in the hope of improving the political situation: In the United States, Nat Turner, who was an insurrectionist in 1831, was  the head of a rebellion of slaves in Virginia and he was later found and executed.
Someone who is versed in or an adherent of an interlanguage or interlanguages.
internationalist (s) (noun), internationalists (pl)
1. A person who believes that different countries should help and be amiable with each other: The opinions of the internationalists printed in the newspaper column were read by all of the residents in the town.
2. A specialist in the laws and relations of foreign countries: Jim's neighbour is an internationalist who works primarily for the nations of the Far East.
intuitionalist (s) (noun), intuitionalist (pl)
A person who has the theory that basic principles and truths are known directly by premonition, insight or the 6th sense: Albert was known among his friends in the police department to be an intuitionalist because his feelings, hunches, or instincts were almost always accurate in solving criminal cases.
Apprehension without the aid of reason.
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isolationist (s) (noun), isolationists (pl)
One who believes in and practices isolationism.
jurist (s) (JOOR ist) (noun), jurists (pl)
A judge or lawyer who is an expert in a specific legal field: Judge Lawrence was described by his colleagues as an eminent jurist in the area of commercial law.

Jurists are usually people who have distinguished themselves by writing about legal subjects or to judges.

Martin Roy was described by his colleagues as an eminent jurist in the area of legal processes.

A collector of leather garments.