(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

gerodontist, geriodontist
A dentist specializing in gerodontics.
One who specializes in gerontology.
glacialist, glacial geologist (s) (noun); glacialists; glacial geologists (pl)
A person who studies geological phenomena involving the action of ice: Mr. Carpenter was an expert glacialist who attributed the phenomena of the geological drift to glaciers.
One who specializes in the scientific study of glaciers and their phenomena.
glossarist (s) (noun), glossarists (pl)
A compiler or writer of alphabetical lists of often difficult or specialized words with their definitions, often placed at the back of a book.
Someone who studies the origins of languages.
gossophilist (s) (noun), gossophilists (pl)
One who is very fond of souvenir China: Whenever Susan, a gossophilist, went on vacation, she always went to souvenir shops to see what nice porcelain tableware she could find to add to her collection of such items.
governmentalist (s) (noun), governmentalists (pl)
Someone who promotes the extension of the sphere and degree of government activity: Mr. Pearson, a governmentalist, was active in his hometown's administration and supported the extension of its role and power in his city.
A strong adherence to the forms of words.
A specialist who studies writing systems.
One who is skilled in the craft of writing.
One who analyzes handwriting as an expression of character.
graphopathologist (s) (noun), graphopathologists (pl)
Someone who interprets personality disorders from the study of handwriting: Jack thought his uncle's job as a graphopathologist was super interesting because the penmanship of a person was the clue to any mental illnesses that a person might have.
guruophilist (s) (noun), guruophilists (pl)
A collector of religious tracts: Mr. Church, a reverend and a guruophilist, was especially interested in treatises and essays on spiritual subjects and decided to move all of the works he had collected into his study at home.
gymnobiblist (s) (noun), gymnobiblists (pl)
Those who believe that the Bible can be presented to unlearned readers without commentary or explanations of religious teachers: Roman Catholic doctrine maintains that religious truth comes from the teachings of church priests and nuns and not by gymnobiblists who believe that everyone can read the Scriptures or holy books without having theological guidance.