(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

A collector of lace bobbins.
Someone who cultivates flowers or flowering and ornamental plants.
florist (s), florists (pl)
1. A dealer, or dealers, whose job is to arrange and sell flowers.
2. A shop where flowers and ornamental plants are sold.
Histosols that are not saturated with water for long periods during the year.
fortuitist (s) (noun), fortuitists (pl)
Someone who believes that events come into existence by chance rather than according to intelligent design or natural law: Mike's cousin, Hector, considered himself a fortuitist because he placed his faith about his future to chance, taking no initiative to direct its course.
Someone who is a specialist in the science of fossils; a paleontologist.
funambulist (s) (noun), funambulists (pl)
1. A performer or an entertainer who walks on a tight rope, a rope-walker, a rope-dancer: Dave's two children were really excited to see the funambulists in the circus; especially, since it would be their first time to see such achievements!
2. Someone who exhibits a striking performance of mental agility or skill: The best funambulist in Mr. Smith's classroom was Tim, who was able to spell and give definitions for any words in an instant that the teacher asked the students to respond to.
Someone who walks on ropes.
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Those who walk on ropes.
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1. Someone who advocates, or works according to, the principles of functionalism.
2. A reference to functionalism.
3. Built or made according to the principles of functionalism by someone who is associated with the movement.
A collector of door knobs.
fusiophilist (s) (noun), fusiophilists (pl)
A collector of muskets.
Someone who is a specialist in galvanism.
gastriloquist (s) (noun), gastriloquists (pl)
Someone who appears to speak from his or her stomach; a ventriloquist: On the vaudeville stage, one of the most popular shows was the performance of the gastriloquist, fooling the audience as to the source of his voice.
gastrocartephilist (s) (noun), gastrocartephilists (pl)
A collector of menu cards: Jason was looking forward to the annual convention of gastrocartephilists as he had several new restaurant publications to show his friends.