(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

exodontist (s) (noun), exodontists (pl)
A dentist who specializes in the extraction of teeth.
exorcist, exorcists
1. In general, any one who exorcises or professes to exorcise demons, in particular, someone who is ordained by a Catholic bishop for this office.
2. A person who forces an evil spirit to leave someone, or a place, by using prayers or magic.
3. Someone who removes the bad effects of a frightening or upsetting event: "The exorcist said it would take a long time to exorcise the memory of the accident so the woman could live with less mental stress."
4. Etymology: from about 1384, in the Wycliffe Bible; borrowed from Late Latin exorcista, from Greek exorkistes, from exorkizein, "to exorcise".
extortionist (s) (noun), extortionists (pl)
Anyone who commits a criminal offense which occurs when a person either unlawfully obtains money, property, or services from someone, an entity, or an institution through illegal coercion or intimidation.

Someone who profits not by what he knows or whom he knows, but what he knows about that person.

—Evan Esar
extremist (s) (noun), extremists (pl)
fabulist (s) (noun), fabulists (pl)
1. Someone who tells lies or falsehoods: Sometimes Jack was a fabulist as when he presented phony reasons for not going to school by saying that he was sick even though he was not.
2. A narrator who recites tales or tells stories ending with a moral: Steven was considered to be a great fabulist and so he was asked to entertain a group of friends with supernatural myths and legends when they got together in the evenings.
Someone who invents falsehoods, a liar.
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faunist (s) (noun), faunists (pl)
A person who studies or writes about animal life; a naturalist.
feminist, feministic, femininistic
1. Of or pertaining to feminism, or to women.
2. An advocate of feminism.
femmentophilist (s) (noun), femmentophilists (pl)
A collector of hair: Mrs. Brown, a femmentophilist, was the most curious person in village because she didn't throw away any hair, but saved it in a box in her house.
ferroquinophilist (s) (noun), ferroquinophilists (pl)
A person who is very interested in and collects steam locomotives: In his library, Mr. Jones had a whole shelf full of books on steam locomotives and, as a ferroquinophilist, was able to buy old locomotives that were not used any more and present them in the city's museum.
fetologist (s) (noun), fetologists (pl)
A specialist in the field of medicine involving the study, diagnosis, and treatment of the fetus: Besides studying to become a midwife, Janet also wanted to become a fetologist and know as much as possible about unborn babies.
fetoscopist (s) (noun), fetoscopists (pl)
A medical specialist who uses an optical device to view the fetus: Dr. Dawson, the fetoscopist, was an expert in producing excellent fetoscopies, and wanted to view Mrs. Black's unborn baby, and so he used a special device which was flexible and made of fiberoptic materials, termed a "fetoscope".
finalist (s) (noun), finalists (pl)
An individual who through competition has reached the last phase of a contest: The judge announced the finalist for the singing competition.
flagellophilist (s) (noun), flagellophilists (pl)
A collector of whipping instruments: Sam's brother Bud, a flagellophilist had a strange hobby of collecting all implements with handles and a flexible lash used for whipping, like a horsewhip, a lash, a riding crop, or a switch.