(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

In biology, of or belonging to the Cheiropoda; having feet like hands.
cheiropodist, chiropodist
1. A medical doctor who diagnoses and treats disorders and diseases of the feet; a podiatrist.
2. Originally it referred to someone who treated diseases of the hands and feet; then it became restricted to a person who treated corns and bunions.
cheirosophist, chirosophist (s) (noun); cheirosophists, chirosophists (pl)
A person who practices sleight of hand.
A scientist who specializes in chemistry; another term for a pharmacist, especially in British use.
One who specializes in the treatment of ailments with chemical substances.
One who treats diseases of the hands and feet; now usually restricted to one who treats corns and bunions.
1. Someone who studies wealth.
2. A political economist.
chrysophilist (s) (noun), chrysophilists (pl)
Someone who is a lover of gold: As a chrysophilist, Steve had such a fondness for possessing gold that he was spending as much money as possible in buying gold coins and gold bars.
circumlocutionist (s) (noun), circumlocutionists (pl)
Someone who uses excessive sesquipedalian terminology; that is, anyone who is unclear in his or her speech or writing.
A boy is an example of a circumlocutionist in action.

Mother, do you have the audacity to doubt my veracity and to insinuate that I prevaricate when I am as pure and undefiled as the icicles that hang from a church steeple?

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citriculturist (s) (noun), citriculturists (pl)
Someone who cultivates citrus fruits or products for commercial purposes.
1. Someone who strives to have an alliance of people, factions, parties, or nations.
2. Someone who works to combine people into one body or union.
Someone who takes part in a normal conversation.
communist (s) (noun), communists (pl)
An individual who adheres to or practices the governing policies of collective control or ownership of aspects of social, economic, and political life: "As a communist, Jean's uncle was in favor of farm collectives and not of individual land owners."