-ism, -ismus

(Greek, ismos; Latin, ismus: a suffix: belief in, practice of, condition of, process, characteristic behavior or manner, abnormal state, distinctive feature or trait)

cosmozoism (s) (noun), cosmozoisms (pl)
A theory or conception that the universe consists of microscopic life in the form of "germs": Some believe that cosmozoism as a whole consists of those elements of animal life which were transported to the Earth.

Cosmozoism has been in existence since Cudworth.

1. The literal belief in the account of creation given in the Bible as presented in the Book of Genesis: "Creationism denies the theory of the evolution of species."
2. The belief that God created the universe and everything in it.
3. The doctrine (opposed to Darwinism) that living things, and especially human beings, were created by God in the recent historical past and that they did not evolve from some earlier life forms.
From the Latin word credo, "I believe", which is the religious practice of baptizing only individuals who personally confess faith in Jesus, therefore excluding very young children.

A person must come to a saving faith and profess Christ as Lord and Savior.

1. Consuming meat for food.
2. Carnivorousness; flesh-eating.
1. The action of criticizing, or passing judgment upon the qualities or merits of anything; especially, the passing of unfavorable judgment; fault-finding, censure.
2. The art of estimating the qualities and character of literary or artistic work; the function or work of a critic.
3. The act of finding fault; censuring; disapproval.
cryptolinguism (s) (noun), cryptolinguisms (pl)
The special language used in the analysis of codes and coding methods and the composition of coded or secret messages.
cryptorchism, cryptorchidism
1. Condition of having an undescended testicle or testicles.
2. Failure of one or both of the testes to descend.
1. An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others: the public cynicism aroused by governmental scandals.
2. A scornfully or jadedly negative comment or act.
3. Cynicism: The beliefs of the ancient Cynics.
A reference to the jaw of a dog or a term for "dog jaw".
The scientific system of examining fingerprints for purposes of identification.
The scientific examination of fingerprints for identification purposes; literally, "finger writing".