insulino-, insulin-, insula-, insulo-, insul-, isle

(Latin: island; derived from insul[a], "island" [used here in reference to the islands [islets] of Langerhans, irregular structures in the pancreas that produce the protein hormone insulin which is secreted into the blood where it regulates sugar metabolism])

isle (IGHL)
A very small island, islet: "He bought his own private isle so he could build a house and have more privacy." Alway a noun.
isolate (verb),isolates; isolated; isolating
1. To separate a person or place from others of the same type.
2. In medicine, to keep someone who is infected away from others to prevent the spread of a contagious disease.
3. In biology, to separate out a chemical or biological material, such as a virus or bacterium, in order to identify and study it.
Having equal sides.
isolation (s) (noun), isolations (pl)
The process of separating someone or something from others, or the fact of being alone and separated from others.
isolationism (s) (noun)
A government policy based on the belief that national interests are best served by avoiding economic and political alliances with other countries.
isolationist (s) (noun), isolationists (pl)
One who believes in and practices isolationism.
isolative (adjective)
Causing someone or something to be separated or cut off.
peninsula (s) (noun), peninsulas (pl)
A piece of land that lengthens out into the ocean or sea and is almost completely surrounded by it: There are some people who confuse a peninsula with an island because they both have so much water around them; however, peninsulas are connected to the mainland while islands are completely encircled by water with no direct connection with it.

Part of Italy is a peninsula which looks like a boot and most peninsulas are narrow and long and they may look like an arm or a leg.

peninsular (adjective), more peninsular, most peninsular
Similar to or pertaining to a relatively narrow strip of land projecting into water from a larger land mass (with water on both sides): Florida is officially the "Sunshine State" and it is also referred to as the Peninsular State.

The peninsular part is the visible area of the Floridian plateau which separates the depths of the Atlantic Ocean from those of the Gulf of Mexico.

peninsularity (s) (noun), peninsularities (pl)
A section of the earth (land surface) surrounded on three sides by water, with the fourth side of it being connected to a continent or an island: The peninsularities of the world are usually parts of continents.
Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice. (Latin motto)
Translation: "If you seek a pleasant [lovely] peninsula, look about you."

Motto of the State of Michigan, USA.