(Greek: a suffix; pertaining to; of the nature of, like; in chemistry, it denotes a higher valence of the element than is expressed by -ous)

caconymic (adjective), more caconymic, most caconymic
1. Characteristic of a taxonymic name that is objectionable for linguistic reasons.
2. Reference to a wrong (bad) name for something; especially, in the classification of plants and animals.
cacophrenic (adjective), more cacophrenic, most cacophrenic
Pertaining to a mental illness: Tom's wife was having a cacophrenic condition after doing too much exercise at the fitness studio.
cacorhythmic (adjective), more cacorhythmic, most cacorhythmic
In bad rhythm; also formerly applied to an irregular or disorderly pulse.
calisthenic (adjective), more calisthenic, most calisthenic
A reference to gymnastic exercises that are done to keep one's body healthy: Athena did her calisthenic activities or routines every morning before going to work in order to maintain her physical fitness.
calligraphic (adjective), more calligraphic, most calligraphic
Relating to the art of fine or attractive handwriting skills.
Hydroids (an invertebrate sea animal) in which a gonophore is enclosed in a gonotheca.
capnotic (adjective), more capnotic, most capnotic
Characteristic of person who has a smoking habit; pertaining to smoking.