(Greek: a suffix; pertaining to; of the nature of, like; in chemistry, it denotes a higher valence of the element than is expressed by -ous)

bombastic (adjective), more bombastic, most bombastic
1. A reference to speech, writing, etc.: high-sounding; high-flown; inflated and pretentious: While on the campaign trail, Senator Smith frequently made bombastic speeches.
2. Pertaining to the use of long and difficult words; usually, to make people think that the speaker knows more than he or she is really capable of producing: The young man tried to impress his new friend by using very bombastic language instead of speaking simply.
3. Of the nature of being inflated or turgid: The local bank manager had quite a bombastic impression of himself in terms of his importance to the national bank.
4. Ostentatiously lofty in style: Paul Jones, the president of the university, often gave the most bombastic speeches; especially, when the members of the Board of Directors were present.
High-sounding talking.
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Pompous, inflated language.
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Pompous, highsounding, and big talking.
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Of, like, or pertaining to silkworms.
Characterized by an abnormal shortness of the fingers and toes.
brachygraphic (adjective), more brachygraphic, brachygraphic most brachygraphic
Referring to an abbreviated or symbolic writing method which improves the speed or shortness of compositions as compared to a normal method of writing a language: A brachygraphic system of writing uses abbreviations or special characters in a shorthand method.
Having, or denoting, a shorter form than that of the usually accepted norm.
A reference to bradycardia or an agent that acts to slow the pulse rate.
Pertaining to, characterized by, or inducing slowness of pulse.
1. Characterized by or performed by slow movement.
2. Denoting a method of showing the details of motor action by motion pictures taken very rapidly and shown very slowly.
1. Characterized by slow digestion.
2. A reference to an abnormal slowness of digestion.
bradytelic, bradytely
1. A significantly slow rate of evolutionary change for a given species within a group of related species.
2. Evolving at a slower than normal rate over long geologic periods, with slow speciation.
1. Having slow-acting nutritive processes.
2. Causing decreased activity in living organisms.
A reference to an early stage of development.
1. Formed from embryonic tissue or during embryonic life.
2. Designating embryonic, fetal, or newborn tissues which are used for transplantation to fetal, young, or adult animals.
Pertaining to the nourishment of infants.