(Greek: a suffix; pertaining to; of the nature of, like; in chemistry, it denotes a higher valence of the element than is expressed by -ous)

atmospheric (adjective), more atmospheric, most atmospheric
1. Relating, referring to, or taking place in the area of skies surrounding the earth: "The illumination by the lights of the city created an atmospheric haze above the city."
2. Dependent on, caused by, or resulting from the collection of gases surrounding the surface of the earth or other celestial bodies: "The moon glimmered through the atmospheric haze caused by the wispy clouds in the sky."
3. Giving or creating a distinctive quality or effect in a location: "The atmospheric music in the background of the restaurant encouraged patrons to relax and to enjoy their meals."
atonic (adjective), more atonic, most atonic
1. Relating to, caused by, characterized by, or exhibiting lack of muscle tone: Someone who has an atonic body, or a part of the body, has a weakness or reduction in the normal strength or firmness of a tissue or some other part of the body.
2. A description of a syllable or a sound that is not accented or stressed: The syllables of the words Jim was saying did not include any atonic vowels.
Absence of hair, congenital or acquired.
1. Caused by sound or occurring as a result of the exposure to sound.
2. Produced by frequencies corresponding to sound waves.
1. A reference to the measurement of hearing, as by means of an audiometer.
2. Related to the measurement of hearing levels or to an audiometer.
3. Having to do with the measurement of auditory acuity.
Describing or referring to the auditory association areas of the temporal cortex of the brain.
Of or pertaining to a pipe (flute) or piper.
1. A reference to a non-parasitic plant growing, or living, within in a hollow cavity in another plant.
2. Descriptive of a plant that lives sheltered within a cavity of another plant.
Showing evidence of autism, e.g., a disturbance in psychological development in which use of language, reaction to stimuli, interpretation of the world, and the formation of relationships are not fully established and follow unusual patterns.
A reference to anything that originates where it is found.
A reference to rock which has been fragmented in place as a result o mechanical processes or orogenic (mountain formation) forces .
autocratic (adjective), more autocratic, most autocratic
Of the nature of, or pertaining to someone who has absolute authority; a despotic ruler.
A reference to one's own skin; used especially in reference to autografts.