(Greek: a suffix; pertaining to; of the nature of, like; in chemistry, it denotes a higher valence of the element than is expressed by -ous)

A reference to a molecule, having two different affinities, as a polar end that is attracted to water and a nonpolar end that is repelled by it.
amphiphilic (adjective), more amphiphilic, most amphiphilic
Relating to a molecule having a polar, water-soluble group attached to a nonpolar, water-insoluble hydrocarbon chain: An amphiphilic detergent possesses a hydrophilic and hydrophobic group.
amphiphobic (adjective), more amphiphobic, most amphiphobic
Denoting a molecule consisting of detergents, or wetting agents, that contain groups with characteristically different properties: Two examples of such amphiphobic structural units of an element contain both hydrophilic and hydrophobic features.
Having the mandibular arch articulated with the hyoid arch and the cranium, as in the cestraciont sharks; said of a skull.
A reference to a population of species showing broad, variable tolerance of habitual and environmental conditions.
Relating to or being an ampholyte.
amphoric (adjective)
1. The sound heard in auscultation resembling the hollow sound made by blowing across the mouth of a large, narrow-necked, empty bottle; for example: "Amphoric breathing indicates a cavity in the lung."
2. Produced by, or indicating, a cavity in the lungs, not filled, and giving a sound like that produced by blowing into an empty bottle; as, "amphoric respiration or resonance.
3. In design engineering, having the shape of an amphora, or a similar tapering, narrow-necked shape.
Abrasive, caustic, or irritating.
anabiotic (adjective), more anabiotic, most anabiotic
1. Apparently lifeless, but still capable of living.
2. Acting as a stimulant or tonic.
3. A revivifying remedy, a powerful stimulant; revitalizing or restorative.
anachronic (adjective), more anachronic, most anachronic
Descriptive of things, data, etc. being in the wrong position or order of a date: In the game, the dates of the kings and queens in England were in an anachronic succession which had to be brought into the correct sequence by the players.
anaclastic (adjective)
1. Produced by the refraction (bending of waves) of light, as seen through water; such as, anaclastic curves.
2. Bending back; refracted.