(Greek: a suffix; pertaining to; of the nature of, like; in chemistry, it denotes a higher valence of the element than is expressed by -ous)

allesthetic (adjective), more allesthetic, most allesthetic
A reference to the sensation of a stimulus in one limb which is referred to the contralateral (opposite) limb: Raymond was confused by the allesthetic pain that occurred in his right foot when it was his left shoe that was too tight and pinching his foot.
allocentric (adjective), more allocentric, most allocentric
1. Characterized by or indicating interest that is centered in other people rather than in one's own interests.
2. Having one's thoughts about people or objects outside, or beyond, one's self.
allochemic (adjective), more allochemic, most allochemic
1. Any secondary compound produced by plants as part of their defense mechanism against herbivores; acting either as a toxin or digestibility reducer.
2. A reference to interaction (other than purely nutritional ones) involving chemicals by which organisms of one species affect the growth, health, behavior, or population of those of another species.
allochoric (adjective), more allochoric, most allochoric
1. Describing a species that inhabits two or more closely related communities; such as, forest and grassland, in the same region.
2. Related to something occurring in two or more communities within a given geographical region.
allochronic (adjective), more allochronic, most allochronic
1. Relating to not being contemporary or existing at different times: There have been allochronic populations of species living, growing, or reproducing during different seasons of a year.
2. Pertaining to different segments of geologic time: Susie wanted to know what plants occurred in the allochronic periods of the Earth's history.
allocryptic (adjective)
A reference to organisms that use a covering of other organisms or inanimate material to conceal themselves.
alloesthesic (adjective), more alloesthesic, most alloesthesic
A reference to a disorder of the localization of tactile stimuli: When Dr. Thompson vaccinated Janet, she felt an alloesthesic sensation at the corresponding point on the opposite side of her body from that which the vaccination had been applied!
1. Having a different genetic constitution but belonging to the same species.
2. In immunology, describing material coming from a genetically distinct member of the same species, as serum, tissue, or cells.
allographic (adjective), more allographic, most allographic
A descriptive reference to something written by one person on another’s behalf, especially, a signature.
1. Moving passively; drifting, as plankton.
2. Pertaining to passive or reflex movement.
A reference to organisms which differ in the number of the parts of any organ from that which is customary in the group to which they belong.
Showing, or characterizing, allomorphism.
Of or relating to allopathy.
allopelagic (adjective), more allopelagic, most allopelagic
A reference to marine organisms occurring, or living, at various ocean depths: Allopelagic creatures in the pelagic zones move around looking for food or wanting to reproduce at various stages of development, or as a result of influences other than temperature or light.
allophenic (noun), more allophenic, most allophenic
1. Pertaining to an animal produced by combining blastomeres of different genotypes (i.e., from different pairs of parents).
2. Relating to an orderly coexistence of cells with different phenotypes ascribable to known allelic genotypic differences; mosaic.