(Greek: a suffix; pertaining to; of the nature of, like; in chemistry, it denotes a higher valence of the element than is expressed by -ous)

aleukocytic (adjective), more aleukocytic, most aleukocytic
A reference to the absence of or extremely reduced numbers of blood cells that engulf and digest bacteria and fungi: Lionel's aleukocytic condition resulted in a lack of normal protection of his body against microorganisms that cause disease.
Of or related to aleurone.
A substance that reduces fever; antipyretic.
Relating to pain; painful.
1. Painful; related to or causing pain.
2. Relating to hypersensitivity to pain; also, algetic.
Pain and pleasure, like light and darkness, succeed each other.
—Laurence Sterne
Painful; causing or pertaining to pain.
Any substance that kills algae.
Causing cold, chilling.
alginic acid (s) (noun), alginic acids (pl)
A polyuronic acid that is extracted from marine algae or seaweeds: Alginic acid is used as a binder in pharmaceutical tablets and as a thickening and emulsifying agent in a number of food products.
Causing or producing pain.
1. Referring to the feeling of pleasure in causing or suffering pain.
2. Any psychosexual disorder in which physical or mental pain is an essential part; it may be active (sadism) or passive (masochism).
3. Any psychosexual disorder associated with the derivation of pleasure from experiencing or inflicting physical or psychological pain.
aliicide (verb), aliicides; aliicided; aliiciding
To kill or to murder another person..
Not forming fat.
Having no effect upon fat metabolism, nor upon the movement of fat to the liver.