(Latin: a suffix that means "able to [be]"; a variation of -ability)

credibility gap (s) (noun), credibility gaps (pl)
1. A situation in which the public distrusts the accuracy of official statements: There is a credibility gap between what the mayor is claiming and what the citizens of the city see is going on.
2. An apparent difference between what is claimed to be true and what is in fact real: Despite what the leaders of the country say about the economic conditions being much better, there are obvious credibility gaps when so many people are losing their jobs and wages are being diminished for some of those who are still working.

Although the following cartoon has a meaning for credibility, it is actually an illustration of a credibility gap, and so the information in this entry is providing the right definitions for this image!

Something that is not quite believable.
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defensibility (s) (noun), defensibilties (pl)
demulsibility (s) (noun), demulsibilities (pl)
An agent that is capable of producing a protective effect on mucous membranes and relieves irritation.
destructibility (s) (noun), destructibilities (pl)
1. That which can be broken or easily destroyed: "The destructibility of the glasses were obvious when the swinging door to the kitchen suddenly hit his tray full of drinking glassware."
2. Items or objects that are subject to destruction: "Many kinds of destructibilities exist for fragile objects; especially, those made of glass, thin plastic coverings, or other things that are made of less than solid materials."
dirigibility (s) (noun) (no pl)
The quality of being directed, controlled, or steered: In a book, Sam read about an airship that was noted for its dirigibility and was self-propelled.
divisibility (s) (noun) (no plural form)
The quality of being separated into individual parts, typically of equal size or value: The divisibility of the plum pie was compromised because Jack had already taken a piece before it was to be distributed.
electric susceptibility, dielectric susceptibility, susceptibility
A dimensionless parameter measuring the ease of polarization of a dielectric, equal (in meter-kilogram-second units) to the ratio of the polarization to the product of the electric field strength and the vacuum permittivity or the measure of the ability of a material to resist the formation of an electric field within it.
electromagnetic compatibility, EMC
1. The extent to which a piece of hardware will tolerate electrical interference from other equipment, and will interfere with other equipment.
2. The capability of electronic equipment or systems to be operated in the intended electromagnetic environment at design levels of efficiency.
3. The ability of electronic equipment and systems to operate in the proximity of electromechanical devices, without causing or suffering unacceptable degradation in output or performance.
4. The capacity of an appliance or circuit to function correctly in its intended electromagnetic environment without transmitting unwanted signals to adjacent equipment or receiving unwanted interference from nearby sources.
electromagnetic susceptibility
1. A measure of the tolerance of a circuit to undesired electromagnetic energy.
2. The tolerance of circuits and components to all sources of interfering electromagnetic energy.
electromuscular sensibility
The responsiveness of muscles to electric stimulus.
The responsiveness of the sensory nerves to electric stimulation.
eligibility (s) (noun), eligibilities (pl)
1. Meeting the necessary qualifications for being chosen or allowed to take part in doing something: Having a valid driver's license means that a person has an eligibility to drive a car.

A person might have the eligibility to take an upper level computer class, but that doesn't mean that he or she has the eligibility to teach a course in computer programming. 2. Etymology: from Latin eligere, "to choose".

1. The quality of being extensible.
2. The capacity of being extended; as, the extensibility of a fiber.