hypo-, hyp-

(Greek: under, below, beneath; less than; too little; deficient, diminished; used as a prefix)

A morbid concern about one's own health and exaggerated attention to any unusual bodily or mental sensations; a delusion that one is suffering from some disease for which no physical basis is evident. Synonyms: hypochondria, hypochondriacal neurosis.
The part of the stem of an embryo, or young seedling, below the cotyledons.

As the plant embryo grows at germination, it sends out a shoot called a radicle that becomes the primary root and penetrates down into the soil. After emergence of the radicle, the hypocotyl emerges and lifts the growing tip (usually including the seed coat) above the ground, bearing the embryonc leaves (called cotyledons) and the plumule that gives rise to the first true leaves.

The hypocotyle is the primary organ of extension of the young plant and develops into the stem.

hypocrisy (s) (noun), hypocrisies (pl)
1. The claim or pretense of having certain beliefs, standards, qualities, behaviors, virtues, motivations, etc. which a person does not actually have: Steve said he was a vegetarian, thinking it was morally wrong to kill animals, but what he said was pure hypocrisy because he wore leather shoes and jackets!
2. The practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes another person to have: All the dentist said was empty talk or hypocrisy saying that smoking was very bad for the teeth, but he was a chain smoker himself!
Pretending to be have certain virtues which is not true.
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Behaving against claims of doing the right things.
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hypocritical (adjective); more hypocritical, most hypocritical
A reference to someone having a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing one's real character or inclinations; especially, with respect to religious and moral beliefs: Since Jack and Jill were not members of the church, it would be completely insincere and hypocritical to have their baby christened.
An insincere statement.
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hypocryalgesia (s) (noun) (no pl)
A decreased feeling of pain when exposed to cold: Even though the temperature was below 0°C.,Janet went outside in her shorts because she never felt any discomfort in such cold weather, due to her condition of hypocryalgesia.
hypocryesthesia (s) (noun), hypocryesthesias (pl)
A decreased sensitivity to cold: The hypocryesthesia of Mary's mother meant that she usually did not need to wear a heavy coat during winter.
The absence of, or partially missing of, fingers and/or toes at birth.
The congenital absence of part, or all, of one or more fingers or toes.
A lack of digits not caused by an amputation.