ambul-, ambulat-, -ambulate, -ambulating, -ambulation -ambulator, -ambulatory, -ambulant, -ambulic, -ambulism, -ambulist

(Latin: to walk, take steps, move around; from "to wander, to go astray")

preambulate (verb), preambulates; preambulated; preambulating
To walk or to go before another person or to figuratively precede someone: Watson smiled at the pedestrian who strided past him, commenting that she was perambulating faster than he was.
preambulation (s) (noun), preambulations (pl)
1. A statement, written or verbal, that introduces a topic or explains the purpose of such a communication: The author spent a great deal of time and care composing the perambulation to the first volume of his autobiography.
2. The act of proceeding in front of someone when out for a walk or other outdoor activity: On their morning perambulation, Teresa and her dog ambled one behind the other so as not to disrupt and get in the way of others who were out as well.
preambulatory (adjective); more preambulatory, most preambulatory
Referring to something which precedes or goes before; preliminary: The storm clouds on the horizon were the perambulatory sign that a tornado might be advancing.
preambulous (adjective); more preambulous, most preambulous
1. A reference to a preliminary statement, especially the introduction to a formal document that serves to explain its purpose: The politician limited his comments to the more preambulous resolutions regarding the recently signed joint agreement among nations.
2. Concerning an introductory occurrence or fact; pertaining to a preliminary: The overture to the opera, a preambulous piece of music, created the mood for the rest of the performance.
Solvitur ambulando. (Latin term)
Translation: "It is solved by walking."
somnambulance (s) (noun), somnambulances (pl)
Sleep-walking or a condition in which a person is walking while asleep or in a hypnotic trance.
somnambulant (adjective), more somnambulant, most somnambulant
A reference to walking, or tending to walk, when one is sleeping: Hector's somnambulant behavior usually occurred after he had been asleep for about two hours.
Descriptive of walking while asleep.
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somnambular (adjective), more somnambular, most somnambular
A reference to walking or doing something else while asleep or in a sleep-like situation.
somnambulate (s) (verb), somnambulates; somnambulated; somnambulating
To walk or to perform another act while asleep.
somnambulation (s) (noun), somnambulations (pl)
The action or fact of walking while asleep or in a sleep-like condition.
somnambulator (s) (noun), somnambulators (pl)
A person who walks while he or she is asleep.
A somnambulator is walking during the night.
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somnambulency (s) (noun), somnambulencies (pl)
Getting up out of bed and walking around while in a state of sleep which usually takes place in the first third of the night and lasting a few minutes or up to a half hour.
somnambulic (adjective), more somnambulic, most somnambulic
A reference to walking when asleep.
somnambulism (s) (noun), somnambulisms (pl)
1. A procedure that involves getting out of bed and walking around or performing other complex motor behavior while being asleep: The individual who is experiencing somnambulism is relatively unresponsive, not alert, not easily awakened, and often does not even remember what was going on at the time.

2. Sleep walking is described by some medical people as "a partial arousal disorder", in which a person is not fully asleep but who is also not completely awake: Somnambulism can be caused by sleep deprivation, alcohol, fevers, stress, or by some mental and neurological conditions.

Because of his chronic somnambulism, traveling independently was a risk for Sarah's son; so, he always traveled with a friend or a member of his family.

Walking while asleep.
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somnambulist (s) (noun), somnambulists (pl)
Anyone who walks around while asleep: Just as the somnambulist reached the top of the stairs, his mother shrieked, and fortunately, he woke up before falling down the steps.