ambul-, ambulat-, -ambulate, -ambulating, -ambulation -ambulator, -ambulatory, -ambulant, -ambulic, -ambulism, -ambulist

(Latin: to walk, take steps, move around; from "to wander, to go astray")

circumambulation (s) (noun), circumambulations (pl)
A stroll or a walk for leisurely pleasure or for exercise: Janet goes on a circumambulation in her neighborhood every day whenever the weather permits it.
circumambulator (s) (noun), circumambulators (pl)
Someone who walks around something; especially, as part of a ritual: Susan and Jeff, who are regular circumambulators, are fond of circling around the lake by foot near their home every evening.
circumambulatory (adjective), more circumambulatory, most circumambulatory
Descriptive of the capability of walking or travelling all over: Shawn was planning on a circumambulatory trip through the country.

Eve usually went to the cemetery where her parents were buried and the circumambulatory stroll brought back memories of the past when they all lived together.

deambulate (verb), deambulates; deambulated; deambulating
To walk away from one's home or in a different country.
deambulation (s) (noun), deamubulations (pl)
The act of walking abroad or in foreign areas of the world.
deambulator (s) (noun), deambulators (pl)
A person who goes for walks.
deambulatory (s) (noun), deambulatories (pl)
1. Covered places in which people can walk: Fortunately, the visitors to the cloister, or monastery, were able to walk around under the numerous deambulatories during the rain.
2. Walking around from place to place; wandering.
funambulant (s) (noun), funambulants (pl)
A rope-walker.
funambulate (verb), funambulates; funambulated; funambulting
To walk on a stretched rope.
funambulation (s) (noun); funambulations (pl)
The act of walking on a rope; tightrope walking.
funambulator (s) (noun), funambulators (pl)
Someone who walks on a rope or does rope walking; a tightrope-walker.
funambulatory (adjective), more funambulatory, most funambulatory
Pertaining to, or referring to, rope-walking: Norbert was showing his skills at a circus as a funambulatory performer.
funambule (s) (noun), funambules (pl)
A rope-walker.
funambule (verb), funambules; funambuled; funambuling
To walk on a rope or doing rope walking.
funambuler (s) (noun), funambulers (pl)
Anyone who walks on a tight-rope.