hylo-, hyle-, hyl-

(Greek: wood, forest, substance, matter; material, materialism)

hylotheist (s) (noun), hylotheists (pl)
A person who believes that God and the material world are the same.
hylozoic (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to the doctrine of hylozoism that holds matter to be animated: Arthur had hylozoic views about life in that all matter has life, and life itself is incapable of being separated from matter.
hylozoism (s) (noun), hylozoisms (pl)
The philosophical doctrine that matter possess life, and matter and life cannot be separated from each other: Hylozoism is a belief that dates back to the Milesian school of pre-Socratic philosophers, and the term itself was created in 1678 by Ralph Cudworth, an English philosopher.
In biology, dwelling and thriving in dry forests.
A dry-forest plant.

Related "wood" word units: ligni-; xylo-.