homo-, hom-, hum-

(Latin: human beings, mankind; literally, "man, men"; however, it now also includes, "woman, women" or all of humanity)

This Latin homo- is related to humus, "earth" or "born" and so it is said to mean "earthly being" or "born of the earth" and it refers to all of humanity. Don't confuse this Latin homo- with the Greek homo- that means "same" or "equal".

humanitarian (s) (noun), humanitarians (pl)
A person who advocates or practices concern for the pain or suffering of other people and who devotes and strives to help others improve their lives.
humanitarian (adjective); more humanitarian, most humanitarian
1. A reference to someone who is devoted to the promotion of human welfare and the advancement of social reforms; a philanthropist: Joe, quite a humanitarian, was determined to support those in need and so he helped the blind, the poor, and made donations to relief programs.
2. Relating to efforts to help people who are living in very bad conditions and who are suffering because of a war, flood, earthquake, etc.: After the bombing and end of the armed conflicts, humanitarian aid was given to the victims who had lost their homes, were very sick and needed medication, and to those who were starving.
Concerned with the needs of other people.
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1. Human beings as a group.
2. The quality, condition, or fact of being human; humanness.
humanize (verb), humanizes; humanized; humanizing
To make someone, or something, seem to be gentler, kinder, or more appealing to people in general: The new publicity provided by Shareen's company has helped to humanize the long existing establishment and so to make a better commercial existence with the citizens in her town.
1. Resembling a human being in appearance.
2. An android (male form) or gynoid (female form).
1. Lacking kindness or pity; brutal.
2. Lacking emotional warmth; cold.
3. Not in accord with human needs.
4. Not of ordinary human form; monstrous.
Lacking pity or compassion; cruel.
inhumanitarian, inhumanitarianism
One who does not accept the views and practices of humanitarianism.
1. Lack of pity or compassion.
2. An inhuman or cruel act.

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