histo-, hist-, histi- +

(Greek: tissue [web]; beam or warp of a loom; hence, that which is woven; a web or tissue; used in the sense of pertaining to [body] tissue)

A reference to histogenous.
1. Made by the tissues.
2. Of or relating to histogenesis.
3. A descriptive word referring to histogenesis.
1. A graph showing frequency distributions.
2. A graphic representation of a frequency distribution by means of a set of rectangles, the base of each representing a class-interval and the area being proportional to the frequency of that class.
3. A bar graph of a frequency distribution in which the widths of the bars are proportional to the classes into which the variable has been divided and the heights of the bars are proportional to the class frequencies.
A written account of bodily tissue structure.
A hemoglobin pigment in various tissues.
1. Developed from blood and some tissue type.
2. Formed from both the tissues and the blood.
The presence of an excessive amount of water in body tissue.
An abnormally decreased oxygen pressure in the tissues.
histoid, histic
1. Resembling the normal tissues; such as, histoid tumors.
2. Similar to or like one of the tissues of the body.
3. Possessing a weblike structure of normal connective tissue.
histoincompatibility (s) (noun) (no pl)
Incompatibility in which one person's tissue cannot be transplanted to another person: The rejection of tissue grafts by the host's immune system is due to an histoincompatibility of the donor's tissues that are too genetically dissimilar to the host's antigens.

The chances of histoincompatibility increase the more dissimilar the host and donor are from each other.

1. Marked by histoincompatibility, likely to induce an immune response leading to rejection; said especially, of a tissue graft or organ transplant.
2. Referring to tissues that are immunologically different enough to prevent their use for transplantation.
1. Fundamental tissue movement, such as is seen in peristalsis.
2. Movement that takes place in the minute structural elements in the tissues of the body.
A reference to movement in the tissues of the body.
A reference to histology.
histologist, microanatomist
1. A scientist who studies tissues and cells by using microscopic techniques.
2. A specialist in the study of cells and microscopic tissues.