histio- +

(Greek: web, cloth, tissue)

Many etymologically related words with the same family meanings with slightly different spellings are available at this histo- unit of words.

A wandering ameboid cell, capable of ingesting foreign particles, found in the matrix of connective tissue.
A tumor composed of histiocytes.
Variant spelling of histoid.
histio-irritative, histioirritative
An agent capable of irritating tissues, particularly connective tissue.
Of or relating to connective tissue.
histocytosis, histiocytosis
Any of several disorders in which there is a proliferation of histocytes without any known underlying cause; such as, infection, or a disorder of lipid metabolism.

Histocytosis may be solitary or multiple, and may be restricted to bone or may be generalized.

The disappearance, or loss, of stored fat from body tissue.