(Latin: hair, shaggy, bristly, rough)

constitutional hirsutism (s) (noun), constitutional hirsutisms (pl)
A moderate condition in women exhibiting an excessive growth of body hair: Constitutional hirsutism can develop during puberty in females, but it can also appear due to hereditary factors, medication, a disease, or because of an excessive production of the male hormone, androgen.
Being hairer or more rough, shaggy, and bristly.
hirsute (adjective), more hirsute, most hirsute
Referring to having a great deal of hair; especially, on the face or body: For a teenager, James has an abnormal hirsute chest.
Rough bristles as some plants or hair on humans.
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hirsute hair
1. Having a large amount of hair: "He was young and especially hirsute."
2. A description of a plant or plant part covered with long stiff hairs; "It was an abnormally hirsute leaf."
3. Bearing coarse, rough, longish hairs.
1. Very hairy; excessive hairiness.
2. In botany, plants that are covered with stiff or coarse hairs.
hirsutism, hirsuties
1. An abnormal hairiness; especially, an adult male pattern of hair distribution in women.

A woman whose hirsutism is not hormone-related has long, fine hairs on her face, arms, chest, and back.

2. Heavy growth of hair, often in an abnormal distribution or place.

This condition is defined as excessive and increased hair growth on women in locations where the occurrence of terminal hair normally is minimal or absent.

It refers to the male pattern of body hair and it is therefore primarily of cosmetic and psychological concern.

A strong attraction for hairy men.
1. Sexual arousal from another person's armpit hair.
2. Paraphilia involving sexual attraction to body hair.

Paraphilia refers to sexual arousal in response to a person's perception of sexual objects or situations.

hirsutulous, hirtellous
1. In botany, finely hirsute (hairy) or thickened hirtellous (hairy, shaggy) leaves.
2. Having a hairy appearance; for example, a mushroom cap.
idiopathic hirsutism
Hirsutism (abnormal hairiness) of uncertain origin in women, who may additionally exhibit menstrual abnormalities and infertility.