hirco-, hirc- +

(Latin: goat)

Capra hircus (proper noun)
Any of the various domesticated breeds of the goat antelope: The Capra hircus descended from the wild bezoar and is raised for milk, meat, or wool. It is distinguished by its rollicking and energetic behavior.
hircine (adjective), more hircine, most hircine
1. In a literary sense, resembling a goat (not comparable): In the fairy tale June was reading, the wizard seemed to be of the lustful hircine type.
2. Descriptive of something having a goatish smell; goat-like: When Greg entered the kitchen, he perceived a hircine odor, perhaps from the cheese or milk his mother had put on the table!
hircinous (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Goatlike; of or pertaining to a goat: Little Ivy was so happy and full of life that she danced and frolicked around the room in a hircinous fashion.
2. A reference to a strong goatish smell: The milk that Nigel drank at the fair had a distinct hircinous reek to it.
hircism (noun) (no pl)
A very strong and sharp odor: Because Jack was aware of the hircism of his body, he wanted to have a good antiperspirant spray especially for his armpits to get rid of the bad smell which was almost like that of a male goat!
hircismus (s) (noun) (no pl)
The disgusting smell of armpits: Hircismus is based on the terrible uretic odor of male goats that apparently want to attract and impress female goats.
hircocervus (s) (noun), hircoceryuses (pl)
A mythological beast, half goat and half stag; goat-stag: Hircoceryus is the Latin word for "a billy goat" (hircus) attached to the other part of the word, "a stag" (cervus).
hircose (adjective) (not comparable)
Concerning goats; goatish: hircine: Mrs. Smart knew they were approaching the farm because of the definite hircose odor that pervaded their bus.
hircosity (s) (noun) (no pl)
1. The quality or characteristic of being hircose or goatish: Jack's hiroscity was showing again when he started jumping around in the garden and bleeting out like a goat!
2. Etymology: from Latin hircus, billy goat, therefore by extension from that legendary aspect of a goat's character: goatishness, lewdness.
hircus (s) (noun), hirci (pl)
1. A male goat: Among all the goats in the closed area there was a hircus or, in other words, a billy goat.
2. The strong odor of unwashed armpits: Tim's mother told him to go take a shower and get rid of his hircus, which is an extension of the "male goat" stink.
3. A figure of speech with reference to a filthy, reeking person: Mrs. Clean couldn't help but smell a hircus who was standing in front of her waiting to pay for his groceries.

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