hirco-, hirc- +

(Latin: goat)

Capra hircus
Any of various breeds of goats raised for milk, meat, or wool.
hircine: goats
1. Belonging to, or resembling a goat; lustful.
2. Goat-like; having a goatish smell; of, like or pertaining to smelly goats.
1. Goatlike; of or pertaining to a goat or the goats.
2. A reference to a strong goatish smell.
1. Referring to a goat or goats.
2. Relating to a strong odor like that of the male goat.
Stinking armpits; based on the terrible odor of male goats who urinate on their "beards" and head area apparently to impress female goats.
A mythological beast, half goat and half stag.

It is the Latin word for "a billy goat" (hircus) attached to the other part of the word, "a stag" (cervus).

Goatish, smelling like a goat, rammish.
From Latin hircus, billy goat, therefore by extension from that legendary aspect of a goat's character: goatishness, lewdness.
hircus (s), hirci (pl)
1. A male goat.
2. By extension of the "male goat" stink, the strong odor of the armpits.
3. A figure of speech with reference to a filthy, stinky person.

Related goat-word units: aego-; capri-; tragico-.