hiero-, hier-

(Greek: sacred, holy; religious)

A writer of sacred records; specifically, of hieroglyphics.
1. Written in, or pertaining to, hierograms; expressive of sacred writing.
2. Of the nature of a hierogram, relating to or consisting of hierograms or writings about religion.
A writer of hierograms (sacred symbols); also, one skilled in hieroglyphics.
A sacred inscription or symbol: a hieroglyph.
1. Pertaining to, or descriptive of, sacred writing.
2. Descriptive of hierograms and the art of writing them.
Of or pertaining to sacred writings.
1. A description of sacred things; a description of religions.
2. Sacred writing; writing by hierograms.
Someone who worships saints or a saint worshiper.
1. Worship of holy beings or saints; hagiolatry.
2. Worship or veneration of saints or sacred things.
A reference to hierology.
Someone who is versed in, or who studies, hierology.
hierology (s), hierologies (pl)
1. The sacred literature of a people.
2. A treatise on sacred things; especially, the science that deals with the ancient writings and inscriptions of the Egyptians, or a treatise on that science.
3. Sacred literature or lore; the literature embodying the religious beliefs of a country or people; such as, of the Egyptians, Greeks, Jews, etc.
4. The history of religions as a branch of study.
hieromachy (s) (noun), hieromachies (pl)
A dispute between church leaders or a conflict of ecclesiastics.
1. Divination from the observation of objects offered in religious sacrifices, or from sacred things.
2. Divination with sacrificial remains or sacred objects; by observing the things offered as sacrifices; including entrails.
1. Religious insanity; a pathological religious fervor characterized by delusions with a religious content.
2. Pathological religious visions or delusions.
3. An abnormal interest in priests.

Ancient hieroscribe symbol This ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, the symbol of the Egyptian scribe, will take you to an explanation of hieroglyphs for a greater understanding of these special writing symbols.

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