hiero-, hier-

(Greek: sacred, holy; religious)

hierodule (s), hierodules (pl), hieodulic
1. A temple slave in ancient Greece.
2. In ancient Greece, an enslaved person kept in or associated with a temple; especially, as a prostitute.
3. A slave serving in an ancient temple, as in Greece or Anatolia, in the service of a specific deity.
4. A slave (of either sex) dwelling in a temple, and dedicated to the service of a god.
A dislike of all "holy" objects.
A sacred marriage.
hieroglyph, hieroglyphs
1. A hieroglyphic character; a figure of some object, as a tree, animal, etc., standing for a word (or, afterwards, in some cases, a syllable or sound), and forming an element of a species of writing found on ancient Egyptian monuments and records; thence extended to such figures similarly used in the writing of other races.

Also, a writing consisting of characters of this kind.

2. Inscribed with hieroglyphs.
1. Written in hieroglyphs.
2. Inscribed with hieroglyphs.
Someone who writes in hieroglyphs.
hieroglyphic (s) (noun), hieroglyphics (pl)
1. A writing system that uses symbols or pictures to denote objects, concepts, or sounds, originally and especially in the writing system of ancient Egypt: It took the explorers years to "crack the code" of the hieroglyphics of the ancient burial tombs in Egypt.
2. Writing that resembles ancient writing; usually by being illegible: Eve's handwriting has often been described as looking like hieroglyphics.
3. Something written in or belonging to a writing system using pictorial symbols: On the cliffs near Peterborough, Canada, are hieroglyphics and pictographs telling the history of the aboriginal people who lived in the area.
4. Etymology: from Late Latin hieroglyphicus, from Greek hieroglyphikos, from hieros, "sacred, powerful" + glyphe, glyphikos, "carving" from glyphein, "to carve".

The ancient Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphs that were not deciphered until after the discovery in 1799 of the Rosetta Stone, which bears the same inscription in three different scripts: hieratic Egyptian (formal), demotic Egyptian (cursive), and ancient Greek.

Sacred characters or symbols.
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hieroglyphic (adjective), more hieroglyphic, most hieroglyphic
1. Pertaining to characters or modes of writing used by the ancient Egyptians (or by transference, other peoples), consisting of figures of objects directly or figuratively representing words (picture-writing), or, in certain circumstances, syllables or letters.
2. A picture relating to a word or notion; especially, one symbolizing something which it does not directly figure (like many of the Egyptian hieroglyphs); hence, a figure, device, or sign, having some hidden meaning; a secret or enigmatical symbol, an emblem; a hieroglyph.
3. Of the nature of an Egyptian or similar hieroglyph; written in or consisting of hieroglyphics.
4. Of the nature of a hieroglyph; having a hidden meaning; symbolical, emblematic.
5. Containing or inscribed with hieroglyphs.
1. In or by means of hieroglyphics or picture-writing.
2. Symbolically, emblematically; metaphorically.
1. Resembling hieroglyphic writing; not decipherable; hieroglyphic.
2. Written in or belonging to a writing system using pictorial symbols.
3. Emblematic; expressive of some meaning by characters, pictures, or figures; as, hieroglyphic writing; a hieroglyphic obelisk.
hieroglyphize, hieroglyphicize
To write or express by hieroglyphics.
1. Someone who studies hieroglyphics.
2. A person who is versed and who writes in hieroglyphics.
3. A specialist in hieroglyphical presentations.
The study of hieroglyphic writing, or a system employing a conventionalized pictographic script, especially that used by the ancient Egyptians.
1. A sacred symbol or character; a hieroglyph (literally and figuratively).
2. A form of sacred or hieratic writing; an emblem, pictograph, or the like.
A writer of hierograms (sacred symbols).

Ancient hieroscribe symbol This ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, the symbol of the Egyptian scribe, will take you to an explanation of hieroglyphs for a greater understanding of these special writing symbols.

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