hem-, haem-, hemo-, haemo, hema-, haema-, hemato-, haemato-, hemat-, haemat-, -hemia, -haemia, -hemic, -haemic

(Greek: blood)

Multiple or widespread hemangioblastomas.
A hemangioendothelioma with embryonic elements of mesenchymal origin.
A true neoplasm of vascular origin, characterized by proliferation of endothelial cells in and about the vascular lumen; it is usually considered to be intermediate in grade between the hemangioma and the hemangiosarcoma but sometimes is used to denote the latter.
A hemangioma containing fibrous tissue.
1. An extremely common benign tumor, occurring most commonly in infancy and childhood, made up of newly formed blood vessels, and resulting from malformation of angioblastic tissue of fetal life. There are two main types: capillary and cavernous.
2. A general term denoting a benign or malignant vascular tumor that resembles the classic type of hemangioma but occurs at any age.
A condition in which multiple hemangiomas are developed.
A tumor composed of spindle cells with a rich vascular network, which apparently arises from pericytes.

It may be benign or malignant and usually occurs in the lower extremities or retroperitoneum.

A rare malignant tumor of vascular origin, formed by proliferation of endothelial tissue lining irregular vascular channels; it usually occurs in the skin, soft tissues, breast, or liver.
hemaphobia, hematophobia hemophobia (s)(noun); hemaphobias, hematophobias, hemophobias (pl)
A dread or a strong fear of seeing blood: Aron had a hemophobia which caused him to faint even when he saw a small amount of his red vital fluid from a little cut on his finger, or even that of another person.
An irrational or abnormal fear of seeing blood.
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hemarthrosis (s) (noun), hemarthroses (pl)
A bleeding into or the presence of blood in a joint: The hemarthrosis in his elbow connection was painful and so Peter was looking forward to having the blood drained.
Vomiting of blood.
hemathidrosis, haemathidrosis; hematidrosis, haematidrosis
A very rare disorder in which the patient sweats blood and/or blood pigments.
The enumeration of blood cells.
hematine, haematine: blood
Resembling blood; blood-red.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving "blood" word units: angi-; apheresis; -emia; hemoglobin-; phleb-; sangui-; vas-; vascul-.