(Greek: half)

hemialgia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Pain affecting one entire half of the body: Dr. Smith talked to the elderly Mrs. Thompson about her condition of hemialgia in which her suffering was limited to only one side of her body.
hemianalgesia (s) (noun) (no pl)
In pathology, analgesia affecting one side of the body: In his medical book, George read about hemianalgesia which pertained to the insensitivity of pain located only in one lateral half of a person's body.
hemianesthesia (s) (noun), hemianesthesias (pl)
The loss of sensation of feeling or pain on one side of the body: As a result of nerve damage sustained at the time of her automobile accident, Dora experienced hemianesthesia on the left side of her body.
hemianopsia, hemianopia, hemiamaurosis, hemiamblyopia
1. Defective vision, or blindness, in half of the visual field; usually applied to bilateral defects caused by a single lesion.
2. Any of several conditions in which there is blindness in half of the visual field, involving one or both eyes.
A reference to having blindness in one-half of the visual field.
Atrophy of one side of the body or of one half of an organ or part.

Hemiatrophy has been reported in association with a variety of neurologic conditions, including parkinsonism. Patients with the hemiparkinson-hemiatrophy syndrome (HP-HA) have asymmetric parkinsonism with limb atrophy on the more affected side.

hemicephalalgia (s) (noun), hemicephalalgias (pl)
In pathology, the unilateral headache; hemicrania: Sometimes a typical migraine can be a case of hemicephalalgia.
hemichimonophilous (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring to vegetation that gives rise to aerial growth while the temperature is below 0°C.: Jill wondered if there was any kind of hemichimonophilous plant at all, because she only knew about root vegetables or some types of leafy greens thriving in the cold winter season.
Surgical removal of the right or left side of the colon.
hemicorporectomy (s) (noun), hemicorporectomies (pl)
The surgical removal of the lower half of the body, including the lower extremities, bony pelvis, genitalia, and the various parts of the pelvic contents including the lower part of the rectum to the anus: A hemicorporectomy is a severely mutilating procedure recommended only as a last resort for patients with severe and potentially fatal physical illnesses.
A pain that affects only one side of the head; a migraine.
hemicraniectomy, hemicraniotomy
1. Separation and reflection of the greater part or all of one half of the cranium, as a preliminary to an operation upon the brain.
2. The exposure of half of the brain by sectioning the vault of the skull from front to back near the median line and forcing the entire side outward.
Underdevelopment of one lateral half of the body.
A developmental anomaly consisting of imperfect limbs on one side of the body.
The condition of a parasite that can exist both inside and outside the host.