helio-, heli-

(Greek: sun)

helioelectricity (s) (noun, helioelectricities (pl))
Converting energy from the sun to electricity; that is, by means of solar cells.
heliogram (s) (noun), heliograms (pl)
A communication transmitted on an apparatus for sending telegraphic messages by using a mirror to turn the sun's rays on and off or a signal by means of a mirror and while using the sun's rays.
heliograph (s) (noun), heliographs (pl)
1. An instrument that reflects sunlight to a remote station; used especially in signaling and surveying.
2. Name given to an engraving obtained by a process in which a specially prepared plate is acted on chemically by exposure to light.
3. An apparatus for taking photographs of the sun.
4. An instrument for measuring the intensity of sunlight.
heliographic (adjective), more heliographic, most heliographic
1. A reference to an apparatus that takes photographs of the sun.
2. Relating to an instrument that measures the intensity of sunlight.
heliography (s) (noun), heliographies (pl)
1. The use of a signaling device that uses flashes of sunlight: Two mirrors reflect heliographies of sunlight on a distant point through a shutter so that messages may be transmitted in telegraphic code.
2. A process where an instrument records the amount and duration of sunshine, often on a strip of blueprint paper.
heliogravure (s) (noun), heliogravures (pl)
The process of photographic engraving or the process of obtaining pictures, as on chemically prepared paper, from photographic negatives, by exposures to sun light.
helioid (adjective), more helioid, most helioid
Descriptive of, or a reference to, something that is being similar to the sun.
heliolatrist (s) (noun), heliolatrists (pl)
Anyone, or those, who worship the sun as a divine concept.
heliolatry (s) (noun), heliolatries (pl)
The worshiping of, or an excessive devotion to, the sun as if it were a god.
heliolith (s) (noun), helioliths (pl)
The worship of the sun and of monuments or temples using huge stones.
heliolithic (adjective), more heliolithic, most heliolithic
A description of a culture, or society, characterized by worship of the sun and the construction of monuments or temples using huge stones.
heliology (s) (noun), heliologies (pl)
The study of, or characterized by, the astronomical features of the sun.
heliomancy (s) (noun), heliomancies (pl)
Divination or godliness by observing and interpreting the various features of the sun.
heliomania (s) (noun), heliomanias (pl)
An uncontrollable craving, or desire, for the sun; often expressed by those who spend an excessive amount of time "sun bathing".
heliometer (s) (noun), heliometers (pl)
An instrument devised originally for measuring the diameter of the sun; now it is employed for delicate measurements of the distance and relative direction of two stars too far apart to be easily measured in the field of view of an ordinary telescope.

Related "sun" word family: sol-.