helico-, helic-, helici-, heli-, helix-

(Greek: spiral, coil; twisted, bent; spiral-shaped; a coil; by extension, "snail")

1. Of or having the shape of a helix; spiral.
2. Having a shape approximating that of a helix; a spiral.
A class of enzymes vital to all living organisms which unwinds double-strand DNA into two single DNA strands.
Having the form of a helix; a spiral.
Having a helical or spiral form; coiled.
The projection of a particle's spin vector in the direction of its momentum vector, being positive if it points in the same direction, and negative if it points in the opposite direction.

Helicity is in effect the handedness, or chirality, of the spin of a particle.

A genus of gram-negative, spiral-shaped bacteria that is pathogenic and has been isolated from the intestinal tract of mammals, including humans.
helicoconidium (s), helicoconidia (pl); helicospore
1. A spirally curved fungal conidium (an asexually produced fungal spore).
2. An asexual spore formed by abstriction at the top of a hyphal branch.

The term abstriction, in fungi refers to the formation of asexual spores by cutting off portions of the sporophore (nonsexual, but produces spores in countless numbers) through the growth of dividing partitions.

1. An instrument for drawing spiral lines on a plane.
2. An instrument for drawing helices.
In botany, a plant having an oblique ring as the sori of Trichomanes (bristle ferns).

Sori are an assemblage of sporangiaare or tiny globes in which spores are produced on the underside of a fern frond.

A mechanically driven aircraft now known as a helicopter.
1. Arranged in or having the approximate shape of a flattened coil or spiral.
2. In mathematics, a surface in the form of a coil or screw.
3. A spiral geometric surface that resembles a thread on a screw.

A warped surface which may be generated by a straight line moving in such a manner that every point of the line will have a uniform motion in the direction of another fixed straight line, and at the same time a uniform angular motion around it.

1 Forming or arranged in a spiral.
2 Having the form of a flat coil or flattened spiral.
3. Coiled or curving like a spiral.
4. In geometry, a warped surface generated by a straight line moving so as to cut or touch a fixed helix.
The art of constructing or measuring spirals.
1. A large spiral brass tuba-musical instrument that fits around the player's shoulder.
2. A tuba that coils over the shoulder of the musician.
An adjective, or descriptive term, for helicopodia.

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