hebe-, heb-

(Greek: youth, pubescence, puberty [the period during which the secondary characteristics of maturity begin to develop; by extension, a young man])

At the end of the first year the ephebians gave a display of their skill in military tactics and drills before the citizens of Athens in the state theater. At the close of this display each ephebian received a spear and a shield and took his oath of allegiance.

hebiatrics (plural functioning as a singular) (noun)
1. Specializing in the medical treatment of adolescents; adolescent medicine: Hebiatrics is a branch of medicine that is concerned with the treatment of youth between thirteen and twenty-one years of age.
2. A field of medicine pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases occurring during the period beginning with puberty until the maturity of bodily growth.
A term for simple schizophrenia.