hagio-, hagi-

(Greek: sacred, holy; religious)

1. Someone who studies literature dealing with the lives of saints.
2. A person who is knowledgeable of sacred writings and authoritative lists of saints.
1. The branch of literature dealing with the lives and legends of the saints.
2. A biography of a saint, or a collection of such biographies.
3. An authoritative list of saints.
4. A collection or history of sacred writings.
A mania for sainthood.
hagiophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An intense dislike of saints or of holy objects or concepts: The young lady refused to visit the nunnery and monastery on their sightseeing tour because she was afflicted with hagiophobia.
A narrow opening in an interior wall of a church that allows members of the congregation seated at the sides to see the altar.
The treatment of the sick by contact with relics of the saints, visits to shrines, and other religious observations.

Related "holy, sacred" word families: hiero-; icono-; sacro-; sanct-.