habit-, hab-, -hibit; habili-, habil-

(Latin: to dwell, to live; have, hold; that which may be easily handled, is suitable, fit properly; clothing)

habiliment (s) (noun), habiliments (pl)
1. Clothes, especially clothing appropriate for someone's job, status, or for a special occasion: After cleaning up after the fire in her garage, Susan looked at the old habiliments she was wearing for the purpose and so she took them off and had a bath and put on clean clothes.
2. The equipage, paraphernalia, or trappings that are typical of a place: The tour that James and Jane were on included a walk through a TV studio with all the habiliments and equipment needed for broadcasts.
A costume or clothing.
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A garment or attire.
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habit (HAB it) (s) (noun), habits (pl)
1. A pattern of behavior that is repeated frequently: "Moles have the habit of burrowing in the earth."
2. An action that reflects the customs and manners of a group of individuals: "Where did the habit of shaking hands originate?"
3. A repeated mannerism that is exhibited either publicly or privately: "Sam has that awful habit of picking his teeth in public."
4. Clothing that is distinctive to a religious organization or for a particular activity; such as, hunting: "Each order of nuns wears its own special habit."
5. Etymology: from Latin habitus, meaning both "condition" and "dress"; since in ancient times one's dress usually represented a person's condition or position in life.
habitable (adjective), more habitable, most habitable
Disposed to be lived in: After looking at the old vila and thinking about what would be necessary to renovate, the family decided that it would be habitable and a lovely place to be.
habitably (adverb), more habitably, most habitably
Concerning how a residence or lodging is suitable to be lived in: Hot deserts are not habitably suited for polar bears to survive.
habitat (HAB i tat") (s) (noun), habitats (pl)
1. The specific, natural environment and living conditions for animals or plant species: The Western plains were the habitats of the buffalo.
2. The living space, dwelling, or context in which an individual or group lives: The hermit's habitat was a crude cabin in the forest.
A place where something lives or is found.
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The location or abode of a particular person.
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habitation (hab" i TAY shuhn) (s) (noun), habitations (pl)
1. The act of occupying or living in a place: "The tenements in a part of the city are not fit for the habitation of people".
2. A home environment, a dwelling area, or a residence: "Jake and his family had a mountain habitation which was far from the noises of a city."
3. A collective group of homes or residences for individuals: "The pioneers built a habitation near the mouth of a river."

"A town or village is one type of habitation, and an individual house in that town or village is another kind."

habited (adjective), more habited, most habited
Pertaining to being dressed or attired in a distinctive dress or costume: "Some religious orders have members who wear special habited clothes."
habitual (huh BICH yoo uhl) (adjective), more habitual, most habitual
1. Descriptive of a behavior that is typical or usual for an individual: Singing in the shower is one of Hank's habitual activities.
2. A reference to that which is frequently used to the point of being customary: Carol's Grandfather sat in his habitual place near the fireplace.
3. Relating to a behavior or activity that is repeated in a chronic or regular fashion: Mary has become a habitual collector of ink pens.
Pertaining to something that is done constantly.
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