guttur-, gutturo- +

(Latin: throat)

Here is a special article about the Neck and Throat.

The throat.
A reference to the throat.
guttural pulse
A pulse felt in the throat.
1. A consonant articulated in the back of the mouth or throat.
2. Relating to or articulated in the throat: "The glottal stop and uvular r and ch in German Bach are considered guttural sounds."
3. Like the sounds of frogs and crows.
1. To say in guttural way; that is, to pronounce a speech sound in the throat or toward the back of the mouth.
2. To speak or to say something harshly, or to speak or to say something in a harsh rasping way.
3. To pronounce as, or to supplement with, a guttural or gutturalized sound.
To make in the throat; to gutturalize.
Articulated in the back of the mouth and given resonance in the nasal cavity; such as, the sound represented by ng in "ring".
gutturophony, gutturophonia
A form of dysphonia characterized by a throaty quality of the voice sounds.
1. A laryngeal spasm of the throat with a temporary stutter.
2. A stammering with difficulties in pronouncing "guttural" sounds due to spasm of the laryngeal muscles.

Cross references related to "neck, throat" word families: cervic-; coll-; esophag-; laryng-; nuch-; trachel-.