alveolo-, alveol-, alve-, alveat-

(Latin: trough, channel; small cavity, small pit; hollow)

alveolus (singular)
alveus (s) (noun), alvei (pl)
A channel (groove like passageway) or trough (long, hollow tube) through which a fluid flows; such as, the channel of a river.

A cross reference of other word family units that are related directly, indirectly, or partially with: "opening, hole, cavity, tract, tube": antro-; anu-; celo-; coelio-; concho-; fenestra-; hernio-; hiat-; meato-; ora-; parieto-; poro-; pyl-, pyle-; pylor-; sphinctero-; splanchn-; stomato-; syringo-; uretero-; urethro-; vagino-; ventricul-.