grat-, gra-, grac-

(Latin: beloved, pleasing, dear, agreeable; grateful, thankful, pleased)

ingratiation (s) (noun), ingratiations (pl)
ingratitude (in GRAT i tood", in GRAT i tyood") (s) (noun), ingratitudes (pl)
Insufficient thankfulness or acknowledgment for a kindness that has been shown or for a birthday present or any other generosity: Holly's ingratitude for being helped so many times and not showing her appreciation disappointed her friends very much.
nongratuitous (adjective), more nongratuitous, most nongratuitous
nongratuitously (adverb), more nongratuitously, most nongratuitously
nongratuitousness (s) (noun) (no plural form)
tacit arms control agreement, tacit-arms-control agreement (s) (noun); tacit arms control agreements, tacit-arms-control agreements (pl)
An arms control course of action in which two or more nations participate without any formal agreement having been made.
ungracious (adjective), more ungracious, most ungracious
ungraciously (adverb), more ungraciously, most ungraciously
ungrateful (adjective), more ungrateful, most ungrateful
ungratefully (adverb), more ungratefully, most ungratefully
ungratefulness (s) (noun) (usually no plural form)