(Latin: large, great)

grandiose (adjective), more grandiose, most grandiose
1. Relating to the intention of looking very impressive, but really appearing as silly: The actor had the most grandiose ideas about his appearance and acting ability.
2. A reference to greatness by trying to achieve something important or difficult, but not sufficiently practical to be successful: The grandiose building was constructed to look like a decorative art style of architecture but it proved to be too ornate to be admired by most people.
grandiosity (s) (noun), grandiosities (pl)
The condition of being pompous or pretentious: The politician spoke with considerable grandiosity, frequently gesticulating and raising and lowering his voice for effect; however mostly he sounded insincere and artificial.

Related "big, large, great" words: macro-; magni-; major-; maxi-; mega-; megalo-.