alto-, alt-, alti-

(Latin: high, highest, make high; tall, lofty)

enhancer (s) (noun), enhancers (pl)
1. Anything that serves by contrast to call attention to another thing's good qualities.
2. A person or thing that enhances.
2. In genetics, a gene or gene fragment that activates other genes.
enhancive (adjective)
1. A descriptive term for raising, increasing the strength, or amount of something: "The teacher's enhancive explanations of recent linguistic changes made it easier for students to comprehend what is happening to their language."
2. A reference to serving an aesthetic purpose; such as, for the body: "Thelma consulted her doctor about having enhancive surgery for the scars on her face and body that resulted from the fire that burned her body last year when she was in her house."
exalt (verb), exalts; exalted; exalting
1. To glorify, to praise, or to honor: "Bertha's behavior in her political position has exalted the power and prestige of her office."
2. To highly praise someone or something: "The teacher's scholastic evaluations have exalted Clifton's learning skills to such a degree that he can be assured of getting a scholarship for his advanced studies in a university."

"The retiring medical doctor was exalted by his medical colleagues for his outstanding career."

3. To present something in a way that is very favorable or even too favorable: "Willard exalts his contributions to the settlement of the labor dispute with his company."
exaltation (s) (noun), exaltations (pl)
1. A feeling of being very happy and proud: "The students welcomed the victorious football team with exaltation."
2. A situation where there is a feeling of intense well-being, exhilaration, or happiness: "Sheila's exaltation after meeting and talking with the well-known actress was one of the greatest experiences that she can remember ever having."
exalted (adjective)
1. Elevated in rank, character, or status: "Despite his youth, Ross rose to an exalted position in his company."
2. Exaggerated, excessively high, or inflated: "Elaine has an exalted opinion of her contributions to the success of the project."
exaltedly (adverb)
A reference to raising something or someone in importance: "The coach exaltedly praised his basketball players for being physically and mentally prepared for the next competition."
exaltedness (s) (noun)
A strong feeling of happiness, power, or importance: "It is easy to understand the exaltedness of the winning tennis player; especially, after so many hours of competing in this final game."
exalter (s) (noun), exalters (pl)
Anyone who raises someone or something in rank, honor, power, character, quality, etc.: As an administrative exalter, the principal of the school honored those students at the graduation ceremonies who had greatly exceeded the expectations of their teachers.
Mors ab alto.
Death from [a] height or from above.