gero-, geri-, ger-, geronto-, geront-

(Greek: old age, old man, old people; elder, elderly; senior citizen)

Don't confuse this gero-, ger- with another Latin ger- which means "to carry, to produce; to bear".

Man is an illogical creature who wants a long life but never to be old.
1. Pertaining to mental illness or disturbance in old people.
2. The branch of medicine concerned with the psychology and psychiatric disorders experienced by senior citizens.
3. Concerning elderly patients who have a psychiatric disorder.
4. A reference to mental illness in old age, commonly denoting a patient or a hospital.
5. The branch of psychiatry concerned with changes in mental functioning associated with old age; and with mental disorders occurring in people over the age of sixty-five.

Related "old; old age, elder" units: obsolesc-; presbyo-; sen-; veter-.