also-, als- +

(Greek: forest, woods, a woodland)

alsocole (verb), alsocoles; alsocoled; alsocoling: forest
Living in woody (forest) groves.

Some creatures that alsocole include the following:

  • Long-nosed Spiny Anteater is bigger than the short-nosed Ant Eater and it has fewer, shorter spines that are scattered in its hairs. Range: New Guinea
  • Short-nosed Spiny Anteater. Range: Australia, Tasmania, S.E. New Guinea
  • South American Mouse-opossum; Range: Belize to N.W. South America, Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada
  • Virginia Opossum; Range: Central America, Nicaragua
Thriving in woody grove habitats.
Thriving in woody (forest) grove habitats.