(Latin: a suffix; make, do, build, cause, produce)

acidify (verb), acidifies; acidified; acidifying
To make, turn into, or to become acid: Water is not acidified by bleach, but bleach does kill bacteria.

Jane wanted to acidify the alkaline soil in her garden, and so once in a while she mixed it with peat,

aerify (verb), aerifies; aerified; aerifying
1. To convert into vapor: Mary asked, "Can water be aerified because it does vaporize when heated, doesn't it?"
2. To mix with air: Milk can be aerified in order to remove or get rid of odors.
albify (verb), albifies; albified; albifying
To make white, to whiten: Because Mary's blouse was discoloured, she tried to albify it with bleach.
amplify (verb), amplifies; amplified; amplifying
1. To make larger or more powerful; to increase: "The administrator must amplify his efforts to get his staff to produce better results."

"The microphone amplified the singer's voice."

"The psychologist maintains that technology exists to complement and to amplify the human mind."

"The amplified music was so loud that Jim couldn't hear what Trudy was saying."

2. To add to, as with illustrations; to make complete: "The speaker was asked to amplify his remarks by giving the audience some examples."
3. To exaggerate: "The radio talk-show host always amplifies the evils of his political opposition and minimizes any negative aspects of his preferred political group."
4. To increase electrical signals: "The technician was working to amplify the transmission, storage, and manipulation of information for the company's computers."
arborify (verb), arborifies; arborified; arborifying
1. Making into a tree-like condition or in a tree form and branching structure.
2. The process by which humans are transformed into trees.
aurify (verb), aurifies; aurified; aurifying
beatify (verb), beautifies; beautified; beautifying
biomagnify, biomagnifies; biomagnified; biomagnifying (verbs)
To undergo biological magnification or increasing in concentration of a pollutant from one level in a food chain to another one.
bonify (verb), bonifies; bonified; bonifying
1. To convert into, or to make, good.
2. To improve or to ameliorate.
calcify (verb), calcifies; calcified; calcifying
certify (verb), certifies; certified; certifying
1. To state or confirm that something is true or correct: The document has been certified by the court.
2. To declare that someone or something has passed a test or achieved a certain standard: The car dealer certifies each car before it is delivered to the buyer.
3. In banking, to indicate on a check that there are sufficient funds to guarantee payment.
chondrify (verb), chondrifies; chondrified; chondrifying
chymify (verb), chymifies; chymified; chymifying
To form into a thick semifluid substance of partly digested food which is transferred from the stomach to the duodenum or small intestine where digestion is completed.
clarify (verb), clarifies; clarified; clarifying
classify into groups