(Latin: a suffix; make, do, build, cause, produce)

stratify (verb), stratifies; stratified; stratifying
1. To form something into a layer or layers: Rock is often stratified between other kinds of sedimentary stone or earth.
2. To form or be formed into castes, classes, or other groups based on status.
3. The storing of seeds in a chilled moist environment or material in order to induce germination or to preserve them.
stupefy, stupefies, stupefying, stupefied
1. To put into a state of little or no sensibility; to benumb the faculties of; to put into a stupor.
2. To stun, as with a narcotic, a shock, or a strong emotion.
3. To overwhelm with amazement; to astound; to astonish.
tepefy, tepefies, tepefying, tepefied
To make or to become tepid, lukewarm, or slightly warm.
terrify (verb), terrifies; terrified; terrifying
1. To frighten; to fill with terror; to intimidate.
2. To fill with terror or alarm; make greatly afraid.
3. To menace or to threaten; to fill with fear.
1. To make a factual statement based on personal experience or to declare something to be true from personal experience.
2. To bear witness; to give evidence as a witness; to make a solemn declaration, under oath or affirmation, in a judicial inquiry, for the purpose of establishing or proving some fact.
An obsolete term meaning "to chafe" or "to make one hot with outrageous eating and drinking hot things".
torpify (verb), torpifies; torpified; torpifying
To make numb or to put into a condition of mental or physical inactivity or insensibility: "The dentist assured Evelyn that the injection would torpify her jaw and she would feel no pain during the extraction."
torrefy, torrify (noun); torrefies, torrefied, torrefying; torrifies, torrified, torrifying
1. To dry drugs, ores, etc. by subjection to intense heat: Metallic ores are usually terrified to have an intended result.
2. To dry or to parch: Drugs can be torrefied on a metallic plate until they are reduced to the condition desired.
3. Etymology: from French torréfier, from Latin torrefacere, which came from torrere, "to dry, to parch" + facere, "to make".
tumefy (verb), tumefies; tumefied; tumefing
To swell or to cause something to swell or to get bigger.
verbify, verbifies, verbified, verbifying (verb forms)
To convert or to change a noun, etc. into a verb.
verify (verb), verifies; verified; verifying
1. To prove that something is accurate or correct: When Mrs. Smart counted the number of exams she collected from her students, she verified that all of them gave her their tests for correcting.
2. To check whether or not something is true by examination, investigation, or comparison: The chemistry teacher told his students to verify their conclusions with additional and repeated experiments.
3. In law, to swear or to affirm under oath that something actually took place: During the court proceedings, Jim had to verify and to confirm that he saw the burglar enter his neighbor's house at 7 o’clock in the evening.
To prove to be true.
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