funi-, fun-

(Latin: rope, cord)

funambulant (s) (noun), funambulants (pl)
A rope-walker.
funambulate (verb), funambulates; funambulated; funambulting
To walk on a stretched rope.
funambulation (s) (noun); funambulations (pl)
The act of walking on a rope; tightrope walking.
funambulatory (adjective), more funambulatory, most funambulatory
Pertaining to, or referring to, rope-walking: Norbert was showing his skills at a circus as a funambulatory performer.
funambule (s) (noun), funambules (pl)
A rope-walker.
funambulism (s) (noun), funambulisms (pl)
The act or the art of tightrope-walking.
funambulist (s) (noun), funambulists (pl)
1. A performer or an entertainer who walks on a tight rope, a rope-walker, a rope-dancer: Dave's two children were really excited to see the funambulists in the circus; especially, since it would be their first time to see such achievements!
2. Someone who exhibits a striking performance of mental agility or skill: The best funambulist in Mr. Smith's classroom was Tim, who was able to spell and give definitions for any words in an instant that the teacher asked the students to respond to.
Someone who walks on ropes.
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Those who walk on ropes.
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funambulous (adjective), more funambulous, most funambulous
Referring to, or pertaining to, a rope-walker.
funicular (adjective), more funicular, most funicular
1. Pertaining to a rope or its tension; depending on or worked by a rope.
2. Referring to a cord or a bundle of wires: One example of a funicular structure is a railroad on a mountainside that functions by cable with ascending and descending cars counterbalanced.
3. Relating to the funis or umbilical cord.
funiculitis (s) (noun), funiculitises (pl)
Inflammation of the spermatic cord or that portion of a spinal nerve root that lies within the intervertebral canal.
Inflammation of the spermatic cord and the epididymis.
Surgical fixation of the spermatic cord to the surrounding tissues in the correction of undescended. testes.
1. A little rope.
2. A cord: in anatomical nomenclature, a general term for a cordlike structure or part.
3. The umbilical cord (funis); hence; in botany, a little stalk by which a seed or ovule is attached to the placenta.
4. A term for the part of the antenna which lies between the scape and the club in certain insects.
5. Applied to the primitive cord or bundle of nerve fibres, bound together in a sheath of connective tissue, called the perineurium or neurilemm.