fug-, -fuge, -fugit

(Latin: drive away, flee, fly, run away)

centrifugal (adjective) (not comparable)
centrifugally (adverb), more centrifugally, most centrifugally
centrifuge (s) (noun), centrifuges (pl)
febrifugal (adjective), more febrifugal, most febrifugal
1. An agent which functions to dispel or to reduce fever; such as, a medicine.
2. Mitigating or removing fever
febrifuge (s) (noun), febrifuges (pl)
1. A medication that reduces fever; an antipyretic.
2. Acting to reduce fever.
3. A medicine adapted to drive away or to reduce fever.
feverfew (s) (noun), feverfews (pl)
fugacious (fyoo GAY shuhs) (adjective), more fugacious, most fugacious
1. Regarding something that passies away quickly out of sight or disappears after only a short time: Styles and vogues of fashion are quite fugacious because there are always new colors, trends, and fads that come directly after each season.
2. In botany, descriptive of a plant or flower that lasts only briefly before withering or dropping off: The queen of the night, or the night-blooming cereus, is spectacular when the blossom opens, but is quite fugacious in that it fades away within a few hours.
Relating to lasting for a very short time.
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Descriptive of going away quickly and being very brief.
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fugaciously (adverb), more fugaciously, most fugaciously
fugaciousness (s) (noun)
fugacity (s) (noun), fugacities (pl)
fugitive (s) (noun), fugitives (pl)
fugue (s) (noun), fugues (pl)
fumifugist (s) (noun), fumifugists (pl)
A person who, or something that, drives smoke or fumes away.
insectifuge (s) (noun), insectifuges (pl)
A substance or preparation for driving off or repelling insects.
Latin quotations containing fugit elements.

Eheu fugaces labuntur anni. "Alas, the fleeting years glide by." As seen in Horace's Odes.

Fugit hora. "The hour flies." or "Time flies." As seen in Ovid.

Fugit irreparabile tempus. "We cannot stop time in its tracks." or "Irrecoverable time flies away." Tempus fugit is a shortened version of this proverb (or motto), as seen in Vergil.

Fugite fures omnes. "Fly (Flee) all you thieves."