alopec- +

(Greek > Latin: fox; baldness; derived from "mange in foxes"; bald patches on the head)

1. Foxtail grass, a genus of foxtails; literally, "fox tails".
2. Foxtail grass, annual or perennial grasses including decorative and meadow species as well as notorious agricultural weeds.
1. Loss of the hair; baldness.
2. A disease, called "fox-evil" or "scurf" which includes falling off of hair from any part of the body.
cicatricial alpecia
Loss of hair due to the formation of scar tissue.
male pattern alopecia
Typical hair loss pattern of males in which the alopecia begins in the frontal area and proceeds until only a horseshoe area of hair remains in the back and temples.

This loss is dependent on the presence of the androgenic hormone testosterone.

traumatic alopecia (s), traumatic alopecias (pl) (nouns)
Hair loss caused by injury to the scalp.

Common causes include the use of caustic hair straighteners; especially, those that include lye as an ingredient; stress traction injury from tight rollers and braiding; over heating of the hair shafts; and the compulsive pulling out of hair (trichotillomania).