frater-, frat-

(Latin: brother, brotherly, brotherhood)

archconfraternity (s) (noun), archconfraternities (pl)
An organization with a common interest which is empowered to aggregate or to connect other groups of the same nature and to impart to them the same privileges.
confrater (s) (noun), confraters (pl)
A member of a brotherhood.
confraternity (s) (noun), confraternities (pl)
1. A group of people united in a common profession or for some purpose, often a group of Christians who have joined together to perform charitable acts.
2. An association of men united for some objective or in some common profession; especially, a brotherhood devoted to some particular service that is religious or generous in giving to those in need.
confraternization (s) (noun), confraternizations (pl)
Men together who recognize each other as brethren.
fraternal (adjective), more fraternal, most fraternal
1. Relating to feelings between brothers or felt by one brother for another; brotherly.
2. A reference to or organization of males sharing the same objectives or purposes.
fraternalism (s) (noun), fraternalisms (pl)
An organization or order for men who have common interests or beliefs.
fraternally (adverb), more fraternally, most fraternally
Characteristic of being like brothers: The group was fraternally organized to work together to achieve their objectives.
fraternity (s) (noun), fraternities (pl)
1. A group of people with something in common; for example, being in the same profession or sharing the same activities.
2. Feelings of friendship and mutual support between people.
3. A male society of students in a university or college.
fraternize (verb), fraternizes; fraternized; fraternizing
1. To be very friendly with someone: The new supervisor in Karl's company was told that it was unwise to fraternize with his employees; especially with the women.
2. To socially spend time with other people; particularly, those with whom one should not be friendly because they are considered to be enemies: Two soldiers were caught fraternizing with citizens of a hostile nation during the war.
To associate with other people in a friendly way.
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fratricidal, fratercidal
fratricide, fratercide
1. One who kills his/her brother.
2. The action of killing one’s brother.
3. The crime in which someone kills his or her own brother.
By some modern writers. it is used as the name of a room in monastic establishments supposed to have served as the common-room of the "brethern".