allotrio-, allotri-

(Greek: different, of or belonging to another; foreign, strange; abnormal; perverse)

allotridontia (noun), allotridontias )pl)
1. The transplantation of teeth from one individual into the mouth of another.
2. The existence of teeth in abnormal places, as in dermoid tumors.
allotriogeustia (al aht" ree oh GYOO see uh) (s) (noun), allotriogeustias (pl)
1. Perversion of the sense of taste.
2. Abnormal appetite (taste) for unusual items to consume.
3. Perverted taste for non-nutritious or unusual substances.
allotriolith (s) (noun), allotrioliths (pl)
A concretion in an abnormal situation, or one composed of unusual materials: An allotriolith occurring within an animal body which is usually composed of mineral salts.
allotriomorphic (adjective), more allotriomorphic, most allotriomorphic
Relating to something that is shaped or formed differently than what is considered normal.
allotriomorphically (adverb), more allotriomorphically, most allotriomorphically
allotriophagia (s) (noun), allotriophagias (pl)
A morbid impulse to eat unnatural foodstuffs; such as, ice, dirt, paint (including flaking paint), clay, laundry startch, gravel, plaster, or hair.

This condition is known in medical fields as pica which comes from Latin meaning “magpie” because this bird eats just about anything or carries away odd objects.

Pica and unusual food cravings (citta) are common in pregnant women. Pica also occurs in some patients with iron or zinc deficiencies. In children this syndrome, classified with eating disorders, is a rare mental disorder with onset typically in the second year of life; it usually remits in childhood but may persist into adolescence.

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allotriophagy (s) (noun), allotriophagies (pl)
Compulsive plucking out of threads from one's clothes; usually the threads are then swallowed (allotriophagia).
allotriosmia (s) (noun), allotriosmias (pl)
A seldom used termed for a condition in which odors are incorrectly interpreted or identified.
allotriploid (s) (noun), allotriploids (pl)
Relating to a hybrid individual or cell with two or more sets of chromosomes derived from two different ancestral species; depending on the number of multiples of haploid sets.
allotriuria (s) (noun), allotriurias (pl)
A strange or perverted condition of the urine.

Related "foreign, strange" word families: barbar-; xeno-.