fluvio-, fluvi-

(Latin: river, stream)

fluvioterrestrial (adjective), more fluvioterrestrial, most fluvioterrestrial
1. A reference to inhabiting streams and the surrounding land.
2. Pertaining to the land-surface of the globe and its rivers.
In geology, a reference to the combined action of volcanoes and streams, as in beds of volcanic ash deposited by a river.
fluviraption (s) (noun), fluviraptions (pl)
1. Erosion as a result of running water or wave action: The various fluviraptions in coastal areas are obviously caused by the actions of waves; especially, as a result of storms or tsunamis.
2. Washing away or the washing off of loose material; such as, earth, sand, etc. as a result of flowing water: Large waves, or a series of waves, caused by an earthquake that moved large quantities of water in the ocean, created all kinds of fluviraptions when they hit land.
Used of sediments transported by ice and deposited from the melted waters of a glacier.
Situated between (the valleys of) adjacent watercourses.
Having many rivers flowing into it.
pluviofluvial (adjective), more pluviofluvial, most pluviofluvial
Referring to the combined action or results of rainfall and the flow of streams or rivers: There was a sudden cloudburst causing a deluge of water which resulted in a pluviofluvial overflowing of the creek in the village.
Extending under a river.
transfluvial, transfluvian
Situated or dwelling across or beyond a river:

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "river, stream": amni-; meand-; oceano-; potamo-; ripari-.