flocc-, floccu- +

(Latin: tuft or cluster, as of wool)

floccillation, floccitation
Semiconscious picking at bedclothes in association with fever, stupor, and delirium. Also known as carphologia.
floccinaucinihilipilification (flok" suh naw" suh nigh" hil uh pil" uh fi KAY shuhn)
Something that is totally and absolutely valueless or worthless.

It is a combination of: flocci, a "tuft of wool"; plus nauci from naucum, "a trifling thing, worthless" plus nihili from Latin nihil, "nothing" plus pili, the plural of pilus, a "hair" or "trifle"; plus the suffix -fication, to make the combination a noun.

Listed in the well-known Eton Latin Grammar of Eton College in the UK.

The Oxford English Dictionary shows the first use of the word by William Shetstone in 1777: "I loved him for nothing so much as his flocci-nauci-nihili-pili-fication of money."

To treat as of trivial value.
floccose, floccosely
1. In biology, pertaining to a growth consisting of short and densely but irregularyly interwoven filaments.
2. Woolly; bearing flocci; specifically, in botany, having tufts of soft woolly hairs, which are often deciduous.
flocculable (adjective)
Capable of being woolly or flocky.
1. To cause (soil) to form lumps or masses.
2. To cause (clouds) to form fluffy masses.
3. To form lumpy or fluffy masses.
A small, loosely held mass or aggregate of fine particles suspended in or precipitated from a solution.
Resemblance to shreds or tufts of cotton.
flocculent (adjective)
1. Having a fluffy or woolly appearance.
2. Composed of or containing wooly masses.
3. A reference to a fluid or culture containing whitish shreds of mucus.
4. Flaky, waxy, and woollike, as the secretion covering some insects.
Minutely floccose.
1. A small, fluffy mass or tuft.
2. A tuft of fine hairs on the legs of certain insects.
3. In anatomy, either of two small lobes on the lower posterior border of each lobe of the cerebellum.
4. In astronomy, any of various masses of gases appearing as bright or dark patches on the sun's surface.
A tuft or flock of wool, or something likened thereto, as the tuft of hair at the end of the tail of certain mammals.